Saturday, 12 July 2014

Colours changing hue... skies seen from Saaremaa just before the monsoons....

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Elections at Chamasari, Uttarakhand ! A long trek and a grand show...

Five km rugged trek from Saaremaa to Chamasari village 

Many temples and a beautiful view all along the way
A beautiful, motorable road joins Chamasari village to Dehradun via Sahastradhara, but the small stretch to our side of Mussoorie is still to be completed.
En route - a lot of campaigning happened all over Uttarakhand for the 3 in 1 election which happens every five years - for the Gram, Kshetra and Zila Panchayat
A major event indeed! Almost like a wedding with everyone showing up in their Sunday best!

Of trails, paths and benches...

One of the many paths leading to ..........
HIIUMAA.... up above...
Grandmothers bench - much cherished and used!
And one of the other many benches found  along walking trails across the property - nice to rest on, catch the amazing view and your breath !

Saaremaa verandahs and terraces

Saaremaa front verandah - best place on a warm summer day!

Saaremaa back verandah and terrace - for all seasons! For the best views and star gazing

Saaremaa rooftops - wonderful to hear the rain and hail under them!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

More of Hiiumaa...

Front verandah
Drawing room

Dining Space

Children's Room and Study on Upper Level

The Master Bedroom on the Upper Level
From the Master Bedroom
Looking out
A Loo with a View